Email 2 SharePoint

Break down silos with Email 2 SharePoint - The tool for better communication and collaboration

Perfect for team collaboration

Simple file sharing

Share and collaborate on content from anywhere and on any device

Get more done faster

Break down barriers in communication between team members - make documents and 

e-mail attachments accessible to all

Organize communication

Make sure important information and documents in Outlook are saved, organised and easy for everyone in the team to find

Get inspired by the video, see the user guide and learn more about E-mail 2 SharePoint

Make work visible, integrated and accessible across the team with direct acces to Sharepoint Library from your Outlook and Outlook on iPhone

E-mail 2 Sharepoint Pro

Better communication and collaboration

  • Save a single mail (including attachments)
  • Save up to 20 mails at a time (including attachments)
  • Save attachments from a selected mail

Save e-mails directly from Outlook to SharePoint

Works on all devices

  • Open, save and edit documents from E2S everywhere you are
  • Manage e-mails when you receive them
  • Stay organised even when on the go

Upgrade to Pro version and get 30 days of free trial

  • Upgrading will automatically give you a 30 days trial. 
  • All users in the organization will be upgraded automatically.

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